Noise Pollution / Nuisance


"Noise Pollution is any displeasing sound that disrupts the activity or balance of human life."

Examples of noise pollution:

  • Industry
  • Entertainment
  • Commercial

We do the following:

  • assessment at the Point Source ( Where the sound comes from)

  • create tailormade preventative solutions

  • use current legislation to educate,inform and protect business owners against possible closures and asset seizures due to noise pollution.
Early Warning Sound Systems / Evacuation


These solutions control and coordinate the rapid and safe evacuation of people to prevent the loss of lives in case of an emergency.

Applicable in the following areas:

  • Commercial

  • Institutions

  • Shopping Centres

  • Hospitality


Professional Audio & Lighting Solutions


Supply and installation of professional sound equipment and lighting that will suit the solution requirements for all environments.



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