Noise Pollution can be reduced and controlled by the various solutions that we offer:
  • Noise Control at the source
  • Noise control in the transmission path
  • Noise control at the receiver
  • Encouraging compliance with current legislation to protect owners against closures and asset seizures

Evacuation Systems can comply with regulations to ensure safety of personnel and the public:
  • Evaluation of site requiring new evacuation system
  • Evaluation of current evacuation system in respect of compliance with current regulations
  • Making recommendations regarding upgrades or installations to ensure compliance
  • Ensuring installed system remains up to date with current regulations
The sound in your venue can be of a good quality without distortion and breakdown at higher sound levels:
  • Evaluation of client needs and vision for the venue
  • Advice on sound requirements that can ensure compliance with regulations
  • Supply of professional sound and lighting equipment that suit the needs of the venue and client budget
  • Installation of sound and lighting equipment

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